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You can purchase our products at Whole Foods Pittsburgh, Wexford, Upper St Clair, Giant Eagle Gibsonia, Bridgeville, Moraine Point, Clearview Mall, Verona, and Cranberry locations The East End Food Coop, Labriolas, Shenot Farms, Sorgels Orchards , Safrans Market, Shadyside Market, Kuhns on Banksville, Food Shoppe, Green Market, Sysco Foods, Dobra Tea and The Coffee Tree Roasters 

Look out for the Greekfreez!

The only frozen dessert on the market with no dairy, nut, egg or soy! 

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Peppi was a person who wore her Greek heritage with pride. So much so that you’d 

probably be surprised that she was born and raised against the backdrop of the steeled 

neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

That connection to her roots helped her to take what started as a single recipe of 

hummus she sold at her family’s market and create an array of flavors immersed in

Greek authenticity, which quickly gained devoted fans.

To accurately describe Peppi’s Greek Gourmet Hummus is to say that it’s more than just 

a dip or spread. Inspired from family traditions of her youth, it’s an interplay of ingredients that gives each creation a distinct personality, allowing it to form a unique relationship with whatever you pair it.

Come to think of it, that kind of describes Peppi. Whether bantering with customers

who would stop in just to visit with her or “talking shop” with fellow local storekeepers, 

no two interactions were ever the same.

And to distinguish her hummus even further she used another family technique to 

make it with a velvety texture that makes each bite that much more delectable.

In!fact, to those of us who knew Peppi best, it begs the question, “How could someone 

as tough as nails make a dip as smooth as silk?”

The good news is that’s not something you need to worry about. Your only responsibility

is to enjoy its original blends – blends as truly Greek as her.

Simply put, when you get right down to it, she’s the secret ingredient you’ll!find in every